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The project will produce the following main outputs connected with the specific objective:
– 1 common brand of the Vardar/Axios Route is created (1 logo and coordinated image, ground labels signs/signage);
– 1 Museum Exhibition Space restored (in Stobi) and 1 new Visitors Centre created (in Palatiano);
– Installation of innovative equipment at the sites (1 solar energy system at the Stobi Museum and 1 museographic design at the Palatiano’s Visitor Centre);
– 1 Cafeteria at the Museum of Stobi created;
– 2 archaeological sites in Palatiano and Europos improved with minor works and appropriate signage;
– 1 touristic and cultural web portal and a mobile application for Android and IOS with cultural and touristic thematic routes referring to both sides, Kilkis and the wider area of Stobi;
– 1 publication of guide books for Stobi, Palatiano and Europos (3 languages);
– Promo video of the Vardar/Axios Route.

The above-mentioned outputs are related with the objective to enhance the attractiveness of the archaeological sites and to create a strategic interconnection with other natural and cultural
sites in the area. Other intangible outputs contribute to build the socio-economic cohesion in a community and cross-border dimension:
– 4 cross-border meetings to build strategic partnerships in the field of promotion of the cultural heritage;
– 4 multi-stakeholder workshops to promote the archaeological sites among the local communities and the role played by the local enterprises;
– 4 cultural events promoting the Vardar/Axios brand and attracting visitors to the archaeological sites involving the local enterprises working in the cultural, historical, eno-gastronomic and
natural tourism;
– 1 joint scientific research to investigate the common historical path connecting the Ancient Stobi with the Classical/Hellenistic and Roman city of Europos and the Roman city of Palatiano.