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Cross Border Area

Both the areas of Epirus in Greece and Puglia in Italy experienced the effects of natural disasters recently with the increase of seismic activities in the areas causing extensive property damage and risking human lives. These events reveal the problem of reviewing the geological structure of the wider area with newer modern methods and techniques in relation to the geological-seismological peculiarity of the phenomenon, the assessment of seismic hazard, seismic stimulation of landslides and liquefactions, to enhance and strengthen the planning of Civil Protection of the Region of Epirus and Puglia, to the effectively handling of emergencies of natural disasters and better planning of urban extensions.

The added value that will result from the project is improvement of cross-border relations in order to achieve the project’s objectives and results. Partners have already been cooperating to develop the project jointly and agreed on its joint implementation. Joint staffing of WP teams will promote coordination of activities between partners and exchange of information. Also, joint budget funding will be allocated to partners based on undertaken activities. Previous INTERREG knowledge will be identified, transfer of results will be achieved by working through existing experience and identifying links to EU programmes and initiatives will be shared and disseminated to target groups.

The core subject of the Project, the Earthquake disasters management, has inherently a transnational character (as the Enceladus knows no national borders) and as such it is essential to approach it with a cross border strategy. Only the close cooperation of the two countries and all Partners will guarantee the successful management of post-earthquake consequences.